Landscape Painting - Summer 2024

With the warmer weather and longer days its time to get back into Landscape Painting.  Its usually at this time of year I like to get out in the evenings and do some Plein Air Painting.  This term I will be covering some new and interesting topics related to Landscape painting. Towards the end of the term I am hoping to arrange some outdoor sessions as well.

I am half way though a course by Ian Roberts on Landscape Composition and hope to show you some of the interesting ideas I have learnt, particularly his technique for creating preparatory sketches for his paintings.

I have also been enjoying a book recommended by Carole Marine called The Yin/Yang of painting.  As well as having some great paintings in, it is filled with good ideas for developing your landscape painting.

I will also be doing a couple of watercolour sessions.  Watercolour painting is a great medium if you are away on holiday and want to do some painting so it will be a good chance to revisit this challenging but rewarding medium

Join me this term as I hope to give you the tools and understanding to develop and improve your landscape painting skills.

Lesson Plan

Week 1: Composition Thumbnail Sketching
Week 2: The Yin/Yang of Painting
Week 3: Yin Yang Palettes
Week 4: Simultaneous Contrast
Week 5: Break
Week 6: Watercolour Demo
Week 7: Break
Week 8: Trees, Silhouettes and creating a Visual Library
Week 9: Seascape – Painting Demo
Week 10: Seascape – Open Session
Week 11: Painting Greens
week 12:Watercolour Demo ii
week 13:Plein Air Session – To Be confirmed
week 14: Large Painting Session 1
week 15: Large Painting Session 2

There will be two breaks this term.  Week Commencing 13th and 27th of May  

Materials List

The first session will focus on Drawing – You will need some paper and pencils.
The best paper for this exercise is Bristol Smooth

Apart from that just bring your usual equipment

If this is your first term here is a more comprehensive materials list 

Reference Images

I have put together some reference images and will print some off for class.  However If you can find your own images please being them along! Also you can share images to this google album.  

Landscape Reference

Here are some paintings
 of building I like – worth a look if you need some inspiration



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Student Work


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