Materials List For Students

The Following are some suggestions for the equipment you will find useful when you come to one of my classes or even just want to take up painting in your spare time.

These are just suggestions though and with trial and error you will find out what works for you.I have also created lists of items from amazon that I have found useful including some books that really helped me, when I started teaching myself how to paint. Some of the items mentioned here can be found there.

As well as amazon, I also by materials from The Lamden Gallery in Ipswich – they offer a handy 10% discount to art students (including those who come to my class) – they can also offer good advice as well.

A Palette – you can either use disposable palettes or a box palette (see my painting materials list). This basically consists of an air tight box with a disposable palette in.

Brushes – A few flat Brushes is a good place to start – I have found these to
be good value and you can keep the case if you change brushes.  If you want higher quality brushes – I recently bought this set from Rosemary Co.  and they have been great:

Medium – This is to dilute paint and clean brushes. I use Turps substitute from The Range or a hardware shop. Please try and get something odourless like Turps Substitute – as some students can have bad reaction to solvents.

I would also include Liquin (as an optional extra)

A jam jar with a lid – you will need this to take the turps home. We cant put it down the sink afterwards.

Rags or Cloth – You will need these to clean your brush. It is an important
part of oil painting. Cut up some old sheets or clothes works best.

Something to paint on – A canvas, canvas board or hardboard coated with Gesso. Its good to work with standard sizes that fit in frames eg 8 x 10″. DO NOT use Canvases or boards from the The Works – they arent primed properly and you wont get good results

Easel – I would suggest a desk easel, tripod easel or a French easel ( I use a
half size french easel) worth shopping around.

Paints – I suggest starting with Winton student quality oil paints. You can add to this as you go along:

• Titanium White *
• Lemon Yellow
• Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue
• Vermilion or Windsor Red
• Permanent Rose
• French Ultra Marine
• Cerulean Blue
• Burnt Umber*
• Viridian Green
* Its worth buying big tubes of these at the beginning.

Additional Colours – these are nice to have but not essential
• Burnt Sienna
• Naples Yellow
• Orange
• Violet Hue

Other Items that are useful:

A good size box to carry it all from the car
A View Finder
A Table Cloth