Still Life Term – January 2020

My classes will all be starting again next week. We will be looking at Still Life Painting largely inspired by the Painting a Day movement.  You can find out more about painting a day here 

We will be drawing lots of inspiration from Carole Marines excellent book Daily Painting:

What You Will Need

For those who haven’t painted before I have put together a full list of materials here:

Materials List

Reference Material – This term I won’t be setting up still life subjects.  As the classes are quite big, it is tricky to get everyone in a good position.  There are three options:

  • Set up your own in the class.  As well as you subject, I would suggest bringing a lamp and and extension cord (or you can set up beside a bright window)
  • Set up at home and photograph it – this can be then brought in either printed out or on a tablet/ipad.  I have seen great little paintings produced this way
  • Use some of my reference material.  I will bring in some printed subjects that can be used and are a good back up if you cant do the other two.

Special Note on Boards:

Small still Life paintings are often painted on square boards.  If you want to work on the best surface and save time with gesso and primer I would suggest these, as featured in Carole Marines Book:

Ampersand Gessoed Pannel 6×6″ x 4 

As usual my classes will be running in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Melton and Brettenham, you can find out more details about each class in the links above.

Classes are run on a drop in basis. Please contact me if you are interested in attending as some classes are quite busy.

Also you can check my Calendar to see when the class isnt running.