Orwell Park School – Painting Commision

This is my completed oil painting for a commissioned retirement present for one of the teachers at Orwell Park School, in Suffolk.

I didnt have a great deal of time to collect my reference material – however I did get a chance to get some shots from the top of their clock tower. (see below)

Clock Tower at Orwell Park School

It has a very narrow winding stair case – which was fun to climb up, but less so to climb down! – however it did provide some great shots.

View from the Tower

In the end though,used some reference with a lower view point. What I really liked was the feeling of being able to see the River through the Structure on the HaHa and then breaking through the trees. I didn’t find out the exact purpose of this structure – but it frames up a view of the river perfectly.

Orwell Park School – View of the Orwell
Oil on canvas

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  1. Hi Ed, Verna here, thank you for your email reveling your latest painting.
    Keep in touch with upcoming work. In America, we appreciate landscapes
    of England. Stay well, we will too.

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